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Record Store Day 2014


For those of you in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, we will officially open on Record Store Day (April 19, 2014) at 8AM and stay open until at least 8PM.  We are ordering every title available in all genres.  We'll also have lots of other sales going on in the store. And it is important to note we charge no more than the suggested retail price for each Record Store Day title.  
If that's not enough, we are giving away a Beatles "Yesterday & Today" Butcher cover album - complete with certificate of authenticity.  
All you have to do to enter is stop into the store any day between now and Record Store Day, make a purchase (any purchase, even a $2 used record) and fill out an entry form (which will sign you up for our newsletter if you are not already on it.)  You will get one entry form no matter how many items you buy, but you may get one entry form per day from now until Record Store Day.
To increase your chances of winning, if you stop into the the store on Record Store Day morning between 8AM and 11AM and purchase any Record Store Day item, you will receive an additional 10 entry forms that day (so that's 11 total, 10 + 1.)
The drawing will be held at the store in public on Record Store Day in the evening, around 7PM.  Winner need not be present, but must be able to pick up the prize in person by April 30th, or the prize is forfeited.
You can find our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/we-got-the-beats/109371405750780?ref=hl  LIKE our page to get updates, sales, etc.)
If you have never been to We Got The Beats before, or have not been to our new location:
We were located on Dixie Highway near Peter Pan Diner for 3 1/2 years, and closed just after Christmas last year to move to a bigger location on US1 just north of Commercial Blvd, on the East side of the street.
We focus on dance music, disco, 70's singer-songwriters, 80's stuff, R&B/Soul, and pop - specializing in imports and other things you won't find most other places in town - and at great prices, new & used.  With the move to the new location, we also added a rock & roll department - it tends to be pretty mainstream, not too heavy, matching the rest of our groove - classic rock, 70's stuff, alt rock that crossed over to a Y-100 type of audience, etc.
Most of the used vinyl in our store sells for $2 each.
If you are interested in a Record Store Day item you found at www.recordstoreday.com that may be less well-known to your average top-40 fan, please email Tony at wegotthebeats@aol.com and tell him to order it (the sooner, the better!) Obviously we order all the Dylan, Bowie, Grateful Dead, etc. in good quantity.  But if we don't recognize something, we tend to not order more than one or two of it.  Your input really helps us to place better orders, and we are happy to do it.  (Note: this is not a hold or a pre-payment or reservation, just information to help us buy enough to meet the demand.)
This is a friendly store - no 'tude, no snobbery - ask any question you may have.  While we mostly carry dance-pop, Record Store Day is a great time to have us order whatever you may need in any genre.  Since we'll have deliveries coming in from all of our suppliers in the week prior to RSD, we are happy to order anything you like so you can pick it up when you pick up your RSD stuff.  We charge just a little over our cost for these types of special orders, so you can get some great deals.
Feel free to explore the rest of our site, and send any requests or questions to wegotthebeats@aol.com
5130 N Federal Hwy #2
Fort Lauderdale FL 33308
(954) 671-9482 (WGTB)